Notice of closure, 

We have had to make the awful decision to no longer continue trading. 

Two years ago our life changed when Giuseppe (Pippo) became unwell, he needed urgent heart surgery to rectify his dangerously high heart rate. We hoped that after the surgery, things would get back to normal and we could settle back in to pushing the business forward, how wrong we was. 

Running a restaurant is physically, mentally and financially demanding at the best of times, and working in a busy kitchen while recovering from a heart condition is not an ideal situation. 

We tried, we cried, we argued, we agonised, but most of all we hoped somehow things would work out eventually. It hasn’t, Giuseppes health is continually getting worse to the point he now is waiting for further surgery and the stress of trying to rest, trying to pay the bills and trying to give the business the commitment it requires has taken its toll on both of us. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers over the years, we’re taking with us some wonderful memories of great times we’ve shared with you all. But most of all i want to thank our lovely staff who have become our second family and we could never have got this far without them, they have all been a great support in the bad times and we love them all. 

Its been a very hard decision, one which we’ve agonised over and feel we have no other option, our health & happiness has to come first and despite the uncertain future we’re hopeful this will be  the start of a more settled lifestyle and a healthier, happier future. 

Thank you, grazie & Ciao, 

Giuseppe & Tina

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